Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Smile for me.

So lately alot of people have been posting things on their facebooks and tublr's about how they hate people copying them.
And although I agree strongly that it's annoying to have somone copy your every little move, some of the things people are implying they're being copied over are INSANE!

example numero uno:
person 1: I like bunny rabbits
person 2: omg you slut I liked them first wtf is your problem?!?!?!?

example numero duo:
omg so many people have the same piercing as me, they are clearly copying me because I am like so totally hot.

reality check - NO YOU ARE NOT FUCKING HOT, you're simply a dirty whore.
Oh wow, you got a piercing? Oh wow you started using a catch phrase? BECAUSE YOU WERE TOTALLY THE FIRST PERSON TO DO THAT. Because you are so important and worth copying.
You're not a person people copy, infact why do you do those things? Oh thats right because you want to be like some celebrity or because you saw it in some "alternative" magazine. You're a sell out, a cheap copy, a fake.
So don't get mad when someone else thinks the same way, you're exactly the same.

end of angry rant.