Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NARP! + chlo


/dances like a penguin 

I reached the peak of insanity last night :)
The not being able to sleep combined with the fact my mind and body where exhausted resulted in some fun semi conscious or "sleep walking" adventures!!
I have discovered I should no longer go to sleep thirsty, it just results in me sleep walking to the fridge and acquiring refreshments and straws... drinking the entire can in under 5 minutes and then sleeping curled in a ball 
I woke up paranoid that something was watching me..and literally ran into the kitchen waving my arms about like a loony... so the caffeine I have been consuming lately really isn't doing me any favours. 
And maybe the lack of sleep combined with my plethora of thoughts is just driving me mad.
So I've decided I will just try not to think about things that get to me, infact perhaps I will ignore circumstances that cause me to become anxious, and maybe then I will be better off. my mind this seems like a suitable replacement, but at the end of the day I know that putting things off just results in paranoia and rambling. 
Although, I am already rambling so maybe I'm really insane... DUN DUN DUNN.
Also, I would like to apologize to Chloe who often listens to me ramble about multiple things and always listens, you make me happyhappy! 

p.s. this is so creepy...(click the this) ;)

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  1. its a-ok, i enjoy listening to your "rambling"! :)
    you make me superrrrrrrrr happy too~ :D:D:D:D