Thursday, September 23, 2010

An open letter to society.

People are extremely selfish.
I hate when people say they would disown you if you did something they don't approve of. (and no it wasn't a joke) It's my life and real friends would never turn their backs on you. But maybe my idea of the word "friendship" is extremely unrealistic and outdated.
I don't think it's fair that I play the role of giving advice and offering kind words when others wont do the same for me, infact it pisses me off a fair bit. 
This is exactly why I will no longer confide in  some people
. Especially considering the fact I at least made an attempt to make you feel better.
I'm not saying I don't trust people, I just realised people don't understand me at all. And I guess that's not that bad, I mean I'm happy with how I am. But sometimes I wonder if I truly fit in with you, and that really upsets me. Like really really really upsets me.
emo whinge over.

1 comment:

  1. i'm sorry, because i think i am one of those people D:

    but where you say " just realised people don't understand me at all."

    I know exactly what you mean.