Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day dream...

Wow so many random posts today... but ughhh so much buzzing around in my head right now, I even wrote this song which I admit is extremely odd, but hey what else could be expected from me? So along with my post about random things I love, I missed out two key factors of my love section, although no one can beat gar's obsession with zombies (he will always be my favourite) but some people do come close... such as the lyrical mastermind and overall hearthrob that is of course John O'Callaghan or better refferred to as "John ohh" for lack of a better description he is certainly easy on the eyes... but it appears he also has an added insight that many musicians are missing, I found this out as I was randomly stalking... I mean observing images of him.
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So It appears as though he is quite the wise one, brains and good looks, in the infamous words of borat niiiiiiiiice.

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On another note, as I was glancing around my room this afternoon my eyes landed on the face of no other than Merrick arguably one of the most dashing men this side of the universe... I mean the fact he makes eating a banana look this good is just proof he was sent from the heavens in order to steal the hearts of girls across the world...
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