Monday, June 13, 2011

(.Y.) A message for girls with small tittayz.

I have small boobs and I used to be so self concious about them. 
I couldn't feel comfortable in a bathing suit, and I didn't want to be seen in my undergarments. 
I got told i'd be so much hotter with bigger boobs; the same person told me to go on the pill, claiming my boobs would grow "bigger".
 I went on the pill and my boobs stayed the same size; that was the moment I realised that I have had boys like me, compliment me and want to date me regardless of the size of my fat depositories (tits).
 I realised people like me for more than just a pair of tits.
I don't need them, and I hate that I ever thought any guy who cared so much about that was worth it.
Now I know that guys will like me for who I really am, not just a pair of tits, and I really hate the fact that I was so upset by it before. 

TL;DR I like having small boobs, mine will always be perky.