Tuesday, May 10, 2011


You had a choice, and you chose to go against me. 
Sometimes I actually think to myself, "what would you do if I treated you the way you treat me?" and then I realise, you would of told me to get fucked long ago; so why can't I do the same?


  1. I know how you feel...
    Its fucking okay for people to be cunts to you all the time right, and then when you do the slightest thing... its like FUCK BOOM. YOU'RE THE CUNT. When you really aren't nor haven't been... Because you truly aren't even the slightest... If any of that makes sense -.-

  2. That makes perfect sense, and thats exactly how I feel:(

  3. You should feel better, because we both know that we are never ever the cunt in situations like these! :3