Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I'm so very far from everything I want to be.
I'm insecure and fragile.
Being alone with my own thoughts is torture...
I am so scared of just allowing myself to be happy, I always feel guilty.
You just wont let me have that happiness, you bombard me with your problems, you make them my own...and then you say the cruelest things I've ever heard.
Stop blaming me for your problems, stop blaming me for things I can't change. Just STOP!
If you cared about me at all, you'd see how much you're hurting me... you'd see that all the money in the world, all the trips to the psychologist.. all the fake smiles... don't mean shit.
But you just don't notice at all.. you just don't care. 
If you're wondering why I burst into tears, or why I made you take me home.. this is your reason.

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