Sunday, March 13, 2011


My random and sporadic thoughts:

1. How funny it is that you don't want me till you cant have me; when I no longer show interest or any signs of positive emotions toward you.
If thats how you live the rest of your life, I feel reaaaaaaaaaally sorry for you.

2. I am finally happy just being me, being with people who make me laugh, smile and giggle constantly.
wee wee! 

3. Part of me feels distant from everything, it's like i'm losing myself and blocking things out again.

4. I miss you Hannah, Victoria, Bob, Nanna, Great Grammy, Grandpa, Nannu, Aunt Glenys and Uncle Tom. Stop leaving me :( 

5. I miss my daddy /poutyface

6. I hope uncle Charlie gets better, hes the only thing that reminds my mum of her family :(. 

7. I'm finally able to genuinely be happy about something.

8. My brother is an idiot, gave me the wrong address and hence made me drive around 40 mins looking for him. 

9. My mum is hilarious when drunk. 

10. I am going to shower now ;)

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