Friday, December 17, 2010

I am jealous of people who are able to find a person they are content with.
To me it's just unrealistic... they'll never want you as much as you want them and vise versa.
I thought I had something close, but I was so very very wrong. 
All I had was an illusion - something I didn't want to let go of, because I was afraid to crash into a smoldering heap of emotion. (hahaah that was sooo lame)
But still, it's not like I'm looking for love, or anything close...but when you trick yourself into thinking someone is perfect, they can do nothing wrong, and would be forgiven for anything.
One day, I wont be gullible or naive, and I'll find someone who isn't so indecisive. Then maybe i'll be able to relax instead of worrying about hurting them before they hurt me again.
That truly is a childish way to work...


  1. out of all honesty, i think most people want what they can't have, and when they do get what they want... they find something else to chase after...

    and what you said wasn't lame, and you're certainly not gullible or naive... some dickheads are just too full of themselves to realise what a good person is like!