Friday, April 8, 2011


(So I pretty much decided I'd update twice today, one serious and one non serious bunch of text)

I'm nothing special, but the fact I can happily sit here and take note that there are people better than me in all aspects of my being just proves I'm not a stupid bitch.
I am actually so sick of hearing girls talk about how "gross" another girl is. Is this level of bitchiness really necessary? If you don't like someone then fine, thats your decision but there is no need to launch an attack on someone. Fucking hell.
And almost as bad, if not worse than that is the idea of bitchy passive agressive statuses that are there for the sole purpose of attention seeking or sympathy. I think we all have days when we write something just so people will ask if we're okay, but theres a difference between "occasionally" and every second day.

These days I am just overly nice to people because I know it annoys them... it's a form of pleasure to see the annoyance on their faces :)

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