Saturday, February 26, 2011


Today would have been your 18th birthday. 
You would have been so beautiful and carefree, smiling and laughing like you always used to do.
You were one of the few people who made me feel welcome when I came to Ignatius. 
You didn't care what I looked like or where I came from, you just wanted to be my friend.
No one will ever forget what an amazing person you were, and I will continue to regret all those lasts.
Our last conversation that afternoon in Italian about your trip to Hawaii. If I had known that would be our last I would have told you how much you truly meant to me. So many people love you, and still think about you all the time.
I know you would have made us all proud, thinking about you still makes me smile.
I miss you. 

R.I.P Victoria Rose James. 
18 today.

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