Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Turning a simple disagreement into a massive deal, I view that as pure stupidity.
Especially with lines such as "cast me aside again"
Tell me, when did I cast you aside to begin with?
You're the only person I trust enough to talk to, the only person who knows the truth.
The only person I thought would always be happy to talk to me, and happy to listen to what I had to say, as I had done for you on several occasions. And how are you not one of my priorities, It was less than a week ago we had a two hour phone conversation based solely around your problems! I'm sorry if i'm selfish enough to have my own things to deal with, but I definately still cared enough to at least try and help.
But obviously, I missed the memo, and apparently "cast you aside"
I'm not sure how I did this seeing as we hang out quite frequently, and go to the same school... Oh and have the same group of friends.
I didn't realise that you viewed the situation this way, of course you never told me this.. and probably assumed I could read minds. 
Oh and sorry for making mistakes, not like that isn't apart of growing up. I'm sorry I don't choose to listen to everything you say to me, you need to remember it's my life and no matter how strongly you disagree with my decision you can't dictate my actions, life is after all about learning from mistakes and moving forward.

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