Friday, January 1, 2010


Why must I dress in a way that shows too much of my skin?
Why will I continue to be judged on my appearance over my personality?
Why do people lie to hurt others?
Why am I looked down upon for not giving up my virginity?
Why do boys/girls think it's acceptable to use others for personal gain?
Why must I drink, do drugs, put out to be in the "cool" group?
When will he realise how much it hurts...
When will she see how much shes become one of them. One of the people we vowed to never become.
When will I become disposable?... thrown away like a used child's toy.

When will they see life is more than high school drama, boys, girls, sex, alcohol, drugs, rebelling against the rules instead of rebelling for a cause.
And so I put on my mask, everything is fine...

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